The 2010 RRofihe Trophy Winner Announced!

There were exactly 200 entries in the 2010 Open City Magazine RRofihe Trophy Short Story Contest.

The Winning Writer is Amy C. Bonnaffons of New York City for her story "The Wrong Heaven". She will receive a prize of $500 and a trophy. The story is published on

The 2010 RRofihe Trophy Runner-Up is Mac Barrett of Brooklyn, New York for his story "We Call This Living; or, Ghosts".

The 2010 RRofihe Trophy Special-Mention Stories (2) are:
"This Was Going to Work Out Fine" by Barbara Arno Modrack" of Brighton, Michigan.
"Baboon" by Jan Stinchcomb of Austin, Texas.

The 2010 RRofihe Trophy Top-Ten Stories include:
"The Airplane Hangar" by Anelise Chen of New York City.
"Release" by M.E. Parker of McKinney, Texas.
"An Incident at the Plaza" by Elizabeth Kadetsky of New York City.
"One of the Funner Parties I Have Been To" by Katya Apekina of St Louis, Missouri.
"Scared" by Adeola Adeniyi of Brooklyn, New York.
"Perfect Soup" by Olivia Shih of New York City.

The 2010 RRofihe Trophy Top-Twenty Finalist Stories included entries from:
Annie DeWitt of Brooklyn, New York; Meakin Armstrong of New York City; Michael Di Gesu of Chicago, Illinois; Victoria Moon of New York City; Tamela J. Ritter of Haymarket, Virginia; Rashanna Rashied-Walker of Brooklyn, New York; Elizabeth Richards of New York City; Lindsay Allen of New Orleans, Louisiana; Brent Shearer of New York City; and, Jessica Pishko of New York City.

Click here for guidelines for next year's Trophy.

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